Marktschwärmer now also in finowfurt

Marktschwärmer, a place to go for regional products, now also in Finowfurt. Some people from Schorfheide already regularly drove to Eberswalde to pick up their desired goods at the Think Farm in Eisenbahnstraße. Now, every Thursday, there is the possibility to take the groceries, fruit and vegetables and more ordered online directly in Finowfurt, Marc Lorenz, managing partner informed Märkischer Sonntag. The pick-up point at Schlossgut Finowfurt in Schlossgutsiedlung 9 in the Schorfheide district is open every Thursday from 6.30 pm to 8 pm. Regional networks of producers and consumers are important to the managers, which is why they participate in Marktschwärmer. – “Our goals are direct access to regional food for everyone and fair payment for the people who respect it,” they say on the website. At Marktschwärmer, the customer buys directly from the producer. The producer sets the selling price of his products himself, because he knows best what his work and his products are worth. From the net turnover, the producer pays a service fee of 18.35 percent – one share of which goes to the host of his local Schwärmerei, the other to the Marktschwärmer team. Registration at

Märkischer Sonntag, 11./12.12.2021
photo: Marktschwärmer