Historic photos of the Schlossgut wanted

Peace and stimulation, seclusion and cultural diversity, meeting and being for oneself, forest, meadow, water, a place to stay – the Schlossgut Finowfurt has all this to offer, according to an online appeal to citizens in the region. Located in the middle of the Schorfheide, the historic ensemble is finally being kissed awake again: as a boutique hotel with regional organic cuisine, home for all generations, an oasis of retreat for conferences, but above all: as a centre for inspiring contacts ( There is still a lot to do until 2023, and the first major construction sites are on the horizon. At four “Treidelmärkten”( and a Schlossgut dinner, the public has already been able to get an idea of the state of affairs on the site and get to know the people behind it. On their behalf, journalist and author Johannes Hucke has written a travel guide through the varied history of the Schlossgut. According to Marc Lorenz, managing partner, private photos are still being sought to illustrate the book. If you have royalty-free and copyright-free pictures that you would like to make available for this purpose (of course you will receive a specimen copy after publication), please send them to
Märkischer Sonntag, 11./12.12.2021