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Nature – Culture – Retreat, just a stone’s throw from Berlin.

The “Schlossgut Finowfurt”, a manor house in Finowfurt, with its historical buildings, is surrounded by greenery and adjacent to the forest, meadows and water, and is an extraordinary location for this eco nature-culture-resort. As a unique, sustainable holiday destination and an intergenerational residential project, the Schlossgut Finowfurt offers a spacious complex with a boutique hotel, and a restaurant with regional organic cuisine.

A focus of the concept is the interaction of generations between guests, residents and locals. Its gardens, forest park, pond and springs are also directly located on the Finow Canal in Brandenburg – the oldest artificial waterway in Germany and a protected natural site. The canal is still in operation and provides a unique and natural backdrop to the Schlossgut.
The manor house, a predestined recreational biotope will be the backdrop for a quiet conference center, or a private oasis for living. State-of-the-art infrastructure, in tandem with energy and resource saving building biology and management, enable stays of all kinds: from a romantic tête-à-tête, exuberant family celebrations to a successful business meeting.

In addition to culinary offers from the Brandenburg region, the project will also offer art, culture, education and wellness programs that equally promote a sense of health and community.

photos: Lars Wiedemann

Uwe P. Tietz

managing partner

Marc Lorenz

managing partner

Tami Lee

business development, marketing & communications

Uwe began his career as a freight forwarder, however his thirst for knowledge and experience led him to broaden horizons as an educator, driver and warehouse manager. Talented with working with his hands, he continued to develop his manual skills by training as a locksmith, and then as an elevator and ventilation fitter. Eventually, Uwe’s interest in people and flare for conversation led him to working as a taxi driver in Berlin. Never overlooking an interesting opportunity, he eventually started his own rental car company, and then studied to become a real estate appraiser. From 1992 Uwe worked for an international construction company until he moved to a commercial Swiss real estate company in 2005 where he still remains as the Managing Director. As a partner in the Schlossgut Finowfurt project since 2015, the opportunity of creating a sustainable, nature-loving building project with a sense of history has been Uwe’s long-awaited dream.

Marc und Tami have been working in the hotel industry for large international companies as well as for smaller boutique hotels and private investors for many years. In the past 25 years, they have lived in a total of ten countries around the world. The cultural diversity, the uniqueness of the encounters and the individual stories of the country and its people are a valuable wealth of experience that characterizes their work. „the matasota – sustainable hospitality concepts” is the name of their company that forges such concepts in Berlin. Here they bring their in-depth knowledge and passion for healthy lifestyles to selected tourism projects in the areas of hospitality, gastronomy and sustainable living and environments. more