So much wind and no sail

In 1982, the GDR sailing comedy was filmed on our castle estate under the direction of director Norbert Büchner with Günter Schubert, Renate Reinecke Fred Delmare, Heinz Behrens and Jürgen Zartmann, among others.

The water sports enthusiasts of a cooperative on the coast finally want to acquire an ocean-going sailing ship. But they fall on deaf ears with the board of directors. Only the chief accountant Irma (Renate Reinecke) shows interest in sailing and especially in the leisure captain named Ali (Günter Schubert). Then a minister (Erik S. Klein) unexpectedly announces his visit. Irma devises a plan to support the sailors. In order to please the minister, a company sports association is to be set up. The founding of a sailing section would be just the thing! Unfortunately, the chairman Scheffel (Jürgen Zartmann) continues to oppose the idea. He even wants to use the sailors’ storage room for other purposes. Only when the minister takes a liking to the sailing trip spontaneously organised for him does the matter get moving.

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photo: Soviel Wind und kein Segel, Telepool (Edel)