Schlossgut Finowfurt is to become a nature and culture hostel

Finowfurt – A nature-culture hostel is to be built on the 3.5-hectare estate of the former Finowfurt estate (Barnim district) by the end of 2023. Investor Marc Lorenz and business partner Uwe Tietz want to transform the site, which has lain fallow for years on a slope directly on the Finow Canal, at a cost of 25 million euros. According to their plans, the former manor house will become a hotel with 27 rooms and a restaurant. An event and seminar centre is to be built in the old barn. In addition, the construction of three residential buildings is planned. The overgrown park will be brought back into shape, and from there a path will lead directly to a boat landing stage on the Finow Canal, according to Lorenz.
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photo: Christina Bohin