Escape Games in the forest

From May 28 2022, MÄXIT will enrich the entertainment offer in the Eberswalde region. At our upcoming Treidelmarkt, on March 19, MÄXIT will introduce itself with a tasting and explain what an “Escape Game in the Forest” is all about.

The former castle park will soon be used for an adventure in the forest. In an Escape Game a small team, consisting of 2-6 persons, tries to free itself in 60 minutes. In MÄXIT (Fairy Tale and Exit) the players find themselves in a well-known fairy tale. The whole thing takes place in a small area. The environment is examined and riddles are solved. Skill, logical thinking and team spirit are equally in demand.

We are looking forward to families, groups of friends, clubs or other group constellations. Companies can of course integrate the event as a teambuilding measure.
More information is available at www.mäxit.com.